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ライブ 6月5日(日) 「ROAD AND SKY」 金沢文庫 

6月5日(日) 「ROAD AND SKY」045-701-1639 金沢文庫 
5:00pm Open 6:00pm Live start
No music charge!

"WestCoast~Hawaii~Okinawa"......Sound Party!!

The Road and The Sky Band
Tamashro Market

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6月4日(土) LIKOMANA HAWAIIAN CAFE 046-876-9638 逗子駅徒歩2分 Islands Of Da Heartと共演。6時45分スタート。


Aloha everyone!

We are really excited to return to our "second home" in Japan for the first time since February and are looking forward to give the audience a night to remember.

The evening will kick-off at 7:00 PM with Go!Tibichi taking you to the Island of Okinawa. From there, we will take you on a magic canoe ride to the Islands of the Pacific.

If you have already been to one of our gigs, then you know that you'll have a fun time.

No music fee. You only pay for what you eat and drink at the Cafe'. Family friendly environment.

As always, leave work at the office and bring your party mood with you. Put on your best Aloha attire and your dancing shoes and be ready to have some fun.

The Islanders are going to rock the place!

Please pass the word around. We want to pack the place up!

-Da Crew.

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ライブ 5月28日(土) 「こひさまコーヒー」横須賀汐入

5月28日(土) 「こひさまコーヒー」046-822-2301 横須賀汐入

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ライブ 5月14日(土)  「ソレイユの丘」横須賀長井

5月14日(土)  「ソレイユの丘」横須賀長井
♪The Wind From Heartland Vol.5、Music&Dance of Hawaii&Okinawaなイベント。出番は11:25~11:50ベースサポートに梅さんを迎えてお贈りします♪

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